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Provisional statement

Page updated 09 May 2019

A person may apply for a provisional statement where premises are being / about to be:

  • constructed for use or
  • extended, or
  • otherwise altered for use for licensable activities 

The application and consultation process for a 'provisional statement' is the same as for a 'premises licence' and under normal circumstances, a premises licence application will eventually follow on from the grant of a provisional statement, if an applicant intends to go ahead with the proposal.

'Interested parties' and 'responsible authorities' will have the opportunity to make representations on an application for a 'provisional statement'. Because of this, they will normally be restricted from making representations, when an application is eventually made for a premises licence.

There is no need to provide a designated premises supervisor consent form with a provisional statement application, as that will form part of the premises licence application in due course.

Who can apply for a provisional statement?

Any individual or business proposing to carry on a business involving licensable activities on the premises who is aged at least 18. Recognised clubs, charities, a proprietor of educational establishments, health service bodies and a chief officer of Police may also apply for a provisional statement.



You can also complete and post an application form:

You must submit:

  • a completed application form, including an 'operating schedule'
  • a plan of the premises / schedule of works;
  • if alcohol is to be sold, the name of the proposed designated premises supervisor if known at this time
  • the prescribed fee