Levelling Up Fund for Hackney

We’ve secured more than £19m investment from the Levelling Up Fund to support our plans for a cleaner, greener, more accessible Hackney Central and deliver on the ambitions of the Hackney Central town centre strategy.

See our Levelling Up Fund application (PDF 2mb).


Using the Levelling Up Fund

Following extensive engagement with the Hackney Central community, we’ll work with partners and the community to deliver a series of projects across Hackney Central informed by:

  • the priorities of local people
  • building on the area’s strengths
  • addressing its challenges to create a more welcoming, accessible and inclusive town centre

The delivery of the fund is aimed at making the town centre:

  • more welcoming, greener and safer
  • enhancing the existing cultural and community offer
  • increasing footfall in the town centre and supporting local businesses
  • improving public spaces for the community to come together

The fund is focused on three themes:

Community engagement and ways to get involved

These proposals have been shaped by the views of thousands of local people, including:

As we develop more detailed proposals for the funding, we’ll provide a range of opportunities for residents to get involved and inform these changes and shape the projects.

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Page updated on: 26 May 2023