Keeping council homes safe

Investing in fire safety

We’re investing in a programme of major fire safety improvements across Hackney’s council homes and estates to make them safer in the long term.

This ranges from large investments, like replacing cladding on tall buildings to meet the most up to date standards, to small changes that make a big difference, like getting the right fire safety signage in communal areas.

Some of the main changes include:

  • fitting new or upgraded front doors on around 17,000 Council homes including all homes on the sixth storey or higher. These more fire-resistant doors provide at least 30 minutes’ fire and smoke protection, while still meeting secured by design standards during both manufacturing and installation to provide safety and security to residents
  • replacing external wall insulation (cladding) on high rise buildings on 4 estates – Lincoln Court, the Nightingale Estate, Hugh Gaitskell House and the Nye Bevan Estate. While the existing cladding used on these buildings was not similar to that used at Grenfell Tower, the changes are bringing these buildings up to the most up-to-date fire safety standards
  • installing a sprinkler system to one building at 355 Queensbridge Road. This is to provide additional safety due to the particular design of that building and the high number of older residents who live there
  • installing dry risers outside blocks to help the London Fire Brigade tackle any outbreaks of fire. Since May 2018, dry risers have been installed outside more than 200 buildings

How we keep your block safe

The fire safety equipment installed in your block is designed to protect you from fire, give you early warning and help your escape in an emergency.

View your building’s fire risk assessment

We carry out fire risk assessments in the communal areas of all our blocks to put in place appropriate fire safety measures to manage any risks identified. 

How regularly FRAs are undertaken depends on the type of building and the level of risk. The highest risk buildings are assessed annually, and the lowest risk assessed every four years.

Fire hazards are categorised according to their potential consequence and probability, and rated critical, high, medium, low or advisory. Issues raised in FRAs are prioritised and completed in a timescale according to their priority.

The time for an issue to be completed might range from immediately to several months dependent upon what is found and the circumstances of an individual building.

Most buildings will include some level of risk identified, but this does not mean a building is unsafe to live in. Any urgent actions highlighted in a fire risk assessment will be completed as quickly as possible.

If you have concerns about any actions that you do not believe have been completed, please contact or call 020 8356 4000.

You can view the most up-to-date fire risk assessment for your block, any actions identified, and historic fire risk assessments using the site below.

View fire risk assessments

How to use the fire risk assessment site

  • username:
  • password: Hackneycouncil
  • click ‘fire risk assessments’
  • find your property by searching the block name in the search field and clicking your property number
  • use the ‘Fire Precaution Measures and Occupancy Factors’ tab to see a fire risk assessment summary
  • use the ‘Fire Risk Assessment’ tab to see any actions identified and the status of these

Get more support using the fire safety portal using our help sheet.

How you can help keep your block safe

Know your fire plan

Each block includes a fire action notice in the communal area explaining what you should do in the event of a fire.

This will explain whether your block is ‘stay put’, meaning you should stay in your home if there is a fire elsewhere in your building; or ‘get out’ meaning you should evacuate if there is a fire anywhere in your building.

If you have a communal alarm system within your block, when you hear the alarm sound you must evacuate immediately and go to your street level assembly point as detailed below:

Find out more

Our fire safety policy aims to minimise the risk of fire in residential properties managed by the Council.

Page updated on: 1 December 2020