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About Hackney's Repairs Service

Hackney is London's best borough. It's one of the most sought after areas to live in London and nationwide with something for everyone from fantastic schools, great transport links, amazing restaurants, an exciting nightlife to vibrant and diverse communities, and it is also home to 29 of the world's best parks.  

Hackney is a great place to work, somewhere where you can put down roots, grow and develop into the professional practitioner you have always wanted to be.

We are looking for the right people with the right skills, passion and drive to make a difference to our residents lives and in turn we'll help you advance your career.

We want our 30,000 homes to be great places to live and for residents to be proud of their estates. As a Council we also understand the impact that poor housing can have on our residents' health and well-being and overall quality of life.

Because of this, providing repairs efficiently and effectively, and keeping our homes well-maintained, safe and secure, are top priorities for us. And it's something we want to do even better.

The Building Maintenance Service will play a key role in realising this vision, with responsibility for delivering over 78,000 responsive repairs, alongside communal works, gas servicing and compliance testing.

We generally perform well, but know there is still room for improvement. Over the last 12 months we have therefore redesigned our repairs client team so that we can ensure that our in-house DLO and contractors consistently achieve and surpass the high standards that our residents expect.

I hope you share with us the ambition to provide the best repairs service in London.