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Investing in Hackney’s schools

The Council has committed £20m to improve and preserve the borough’s school buildings for future generations.

The investment will help to maintain the borough’s older school buildings, providing funds primarily for roof and facade repairs, as well as other improvements, such as heating and lighting upgrades.

Over 30 schools will benefit from this investment, following assessments conducted by the Council.

Parents and carers will be updated about any works taking place at their school, and any disruptive work will take place during the holidays.

Work due to take place as part of the programme

Some of the major work due to take place as part of the programme include:

  • Benthal Primary School: Work to redecorate throughout the school, refurbish the toilets, upgrade the heating system and, with input from the school, improve the playgrounds
  • Jubilee Primary School: A replacement roof for the existing school building
  • Harrington Hill Primary School: New nursery toilets and playground canopy
  • Tyssen Primary School: New boilers and heating system
  • William Patten Primary School: Lighting upgrade
  • Randal Cremer, Sebright, Gainsborough, Queensbridge and London Fields primary schools: Investment to repair their external façade and, where relevant, roofs. This ongoing programme of repairs will also deliver improvements to 18 other schools over the next 2 years
Page updated on: 3 June 2019