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Housing performance reports

Residents’ survey results

Over 3,500 people, or 12% of all residents living in Council-owned or managed properties and estates, took part in an independent survey from June to August 2017.


The purpose of the survey was to find out how residents feel about the services we provide and to establish our future priorities for our housing service. The results will also help us measure how well we’re doing compared to other housing providers.

They broadly show a divide in satisfaction, with tenants generally happier with the services we provide than leaseholders, particularly about repairs and maintenance. Leaseholders didn’t think our services generally represented value for money.


There was very high satisfaction from both tenants (82%) and leaseholders (73%) with their neighbourhood as a place to live, and also with the overall quality of homes – tenants (73%) and leaseholders (66%).

However, there was broad discontent over how the Council listens to residents, with satisfaction at just 53% from tenants and 23% from leaseholders. Neither group found it easy to get hold of the right person when contacting us about issues.

Action plan

As a result of the survey, we’ve launched an action plan, aiming to:

  • achieve ‘right first time’ repairs and better maintenance for communal areas in homes and buildings
  • improve how we listen to residents and act upon their concerns
  • improve internal and external cleaning on blocks and estates
  • tackle parking dissatisfaction
  • deal more effectively with noisy neighbours
  • tackle antisocial behaviour on estates
  • improve the way residents are served when they contact us
  • ensure better value for money services
  • improve grounds maintenance

We’ll be doing another residents’ survey from June to August 2019.

Residents’ annual report

Each year we publish a report setting out our achievements and how we are going to improve against the areas that you said are important to you.

Page updated on: 27 June 2019