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Join the social housing register

Before applying please read our guide to social housing in Hackney, which gives important information about the realities of getting housing and the alternatives available:

Application: Documents we need to see

We need to see some documents to ensure that you are eligible to apply, decide what your housing priority ought to be and identify fraudulent applications. These include:

  • proofs of identity
  • proofs of address
  • proof of income
  • proof of National Insurance number

If you have digital copies of your documents, you can upload and submit them with the housing register form.

See the full checklist of supporting documents we require to process your application.

Eligibility: Those who may not apply for housing

Please note: the law says that we can’t allocate housing to people who are subject to immigration control, in other words:

  • asylum seekers
  • those who have been refused leave to remain in the country
  • those with no recourse to public funds

We can also exclude from housing people who have the following issues:

  • anti-social behaviour
  • rent arrears

Also, there are circumstances when the Council will give less priority to your housing application if you:

  • have no local connection with the borough
  • have sufficient income to rent privately or purchase housing

Join the social housing register

Before you can access the housing register application form, you will be asked to sign in or register for a One Account.

Join the register

What happens next?

When we have received all the necessary documentation we will:

  • send you a copy of the information we have recorded, based upon the application form. We will ask you to check this and to tell us if anything is wrong
  • let you know which letting band you have joined and from when. Our bands are date ordered and new applicants will usually join the band at the bottom. You can find detailed information about letting bands in our lettings policy
  • to speed up your housing prospects, you will be offered the option to accept a home that has one bedroom less than we consider is needed

Once you have had your application registered, depending on your circumstances, you may be eligible to bid for vacant council and housing association properties.

Report a change of circumstances

A change in your circumstances may have an effect on your housing application and the level of priority you have been awarded our waiting list. Report a change of circumstances.

Submit a housing health assessment form

Complete the housing health assessment form if you or a member of your household has a health related issue and you want us to assess the impact of how your home affects your health, treatment and support needs.

Bidding for properties

To get you into a property faster and give you more control over where you live, we introduced a choice based lettings scheme, Hackney Choice. It allows you to bid for available properties, rather than wait to be allocated a home.

Page updated on: 20 June 2019