Homes for Heroes: a celebration

What are Homes for Heroes?

At the end of the First World War, Prime Minister David Lloyd George promised warm, decent, sanitary homes for the men returning home from the devastation of the conflict, and their families. 

The Council’s commemorating the centenary this year, because that promise was enshrined in law by Lloyd George’s health minister Christopher Addison, also MP for Shoreditch, in 1919. 

Hidden histories

Since the start of the year we’ve published a series of articles in Our Homes about Homes for Heroes, including the historical triggers, local councils’ responses, and the profound short and long term ramifications for residents. These articles will continue until the end of the year.

History roadshow

The Council will be bringing these histories to residents throughout the summer. We started at the Shoreditch Our Homes Festival, at Hoxton Street Market, on Saturday 29 June and we’ll be providing smaller estate based events and  opportunities throughout the year.

Film screenings

On 21 September Hackney Archives is screening a number of housing films, including a film made by the Council in 1937 on the slum clearances, and Gascoyne Lives, focussing on those living in the Gascoyne Estate.

Estate tours 

On 21 and 22 September – Hackney’s council estates will be celebrated through Open House London. Cllr Wrout has been working with local website Municipal Dreams to organise a free walking tour of historical housing estates in Homerton. You’ll also be able to tour our new council homes at King’s Crescent. 

Homes for Heroes: celebration exhibition

The council will be holding a celebratory expo in Hackney Town Hall in autumn open to all Hackney residents. The celebration will be a collaborative exercise between Council teams, including the Museum, Archives and Library services, experts and residents, and will draw together what we have already learned as well as the hidden histories we continue to uncover about Homes for Heroes and its particular effects in Hackney. The event will include an exhibition, a specially made film involving residents, talks, and information for residents on the housing services we provide today. 

Page updated on: 19 August 2019