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Green Homes

We want to respond to the climate emergency and to reduce carbon footprint in the borough as well as provide warm homes for our residents. 

That’s why we want to insulate as many homes in Hackney as possible.

The insulated homes with more efficient renewable sources of heating would be the first step in lowering energy bills, reducing damp and mould, improving health and well being and tackling fuel poverty.

They’ll also help us move on to more advanced measures like low-carbon heating and generating renewable energy r.renewable generation technology to benefit the local economy.

This proposed new programme in Hackney could offer the following benefits:

  • Grants for home insulation and renewable heating upgrades
  • Lower energy bills and CO2 emissions
  • Warmer homes and reduction of fuel poverty improved health for people who are vulnerable to cold and damp homes
  • Providing work for local SMEs
  • Assistance with meeting Climate Emergency commitments
Page updated on: 14 November 2019