Emergency help with fuel costs for pensioners

The London Borough of Hackney has a small amount of money to help pensioners who are struggling to pay their gas and electric bills.

This help is only available for pensioners (over 66).


How we can help

We may be able to help you if you pay your energy costs by:

  • pre-payment key
  • pre-payment card
  • cash via a quarterly bill

All awards are discretionary, there is no automatic right to award.

Successful applicants will receive a small one off payment to help towards their gas or electricity, most awards will be less than £100.

All awards will be made by PayPoint.

We will send a unique code by text message or email which you can redeem at any PayPoint outlet.

You will need to take your bill, key or card with you to the PayPoint vendor along with the unique code.

If you have received an email notification, you should also take proof of identity with you.

There are 28,000 payment outlets across the UK.

Find your local PayPoint store

If your utility company accepts payment of bills via PayPoint, then the award will be credited directly onto your utility account.

If your utility company does not accept direct payments by PayPoint, then you may instead receive a cash payment from the payment vendor.


To qualify you must be:

  • a Hackney resident
  • over State Pension age
  • liable to pay for gas or electricity (by prepayment key, card, or quarterly bill)
  • struggling to pay your gas and electricity costs

The scheme will close on 30 September 2022, and no further applications will be accepted after this date.

Once the funding has been spent, no more awards will be issued.

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Page updated on: 3 November 2022