Childhood obesity grants

Applications are now closed.

The Healthy Next Generation fund offers grants of up to £8,000 for projects in Hackney addressing childhood obesity. The 2019/20 Healthy Next Generation fund opened for applications on Monday 8 October 2018 and closed at 12 noon (midday) on Friday 7 December, for projects that will be delivered from 1 May 2019.

We are particularly be interested in bids that focus on:

The application process

We ask all applicants to read the following documents. You will also need the project delivery workbook to complete your application:

Overview of the application process

Applications opened on 8 October.

Organisations were required to submit an application form by 12 noon (midday) on 7 December. Applications are now closed.

Successful applicants for 2018/19

The healthy next generation fund for 2018/19 has been awarded to the following community groups and social enterprises focusing on addressing the wider influences of childhood obesity.

Organisation  Project title Request amount
Blueprint: Film Foundation LTD

A documentary, made by young people from Hoxton, that explores the cultural and other influences on children and young people, that contribute to their health and wellbeing.

Minik Kardes Children’s Centre

A collaborative exploration with Turkish speaking parents to increase their awareness around cultural attitudes and barriers on healthy childhood weight through developing self-reflection, and to influence service provision with cultural sensitivity.

Shoreditch Trust

A three-tiered research project engaging with households with primary school-aged children in Hoxton wards to explore and address entrenched, complex cultural and environmental barriers to enabling and maintaining a healthy weight in children.



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