Hackney a Place for Everyone

In 2015-16, the Council carried out a major borough-wide engagement exercise, asking residents for their views about the huge change that Hackney has experienced over the past decade and more than 4,500 residents took part.

HAPFE research reports

The results of the consultation exercise have been analysed and presented in 2 key documents:

HAPFE summary findings

A summary of the main themes emerging from data collected across all the methods of consultation undertaken during the HAPFE work.

Ipsos Mori HAPFE resident’s survey report

This report highlights key findings from a representative sample resident’s survey of around 1,000 residents aged 16+ who were interviewed in home in late 2015-early 2016 as part of the HAPFE consultation.

HAPFE policy impacts

This document presents some of the headline findings from the consultation and discusses what the whole borough can do to keep Hackney cohesive and resilient in response to the challenges we face as a borough.

Page updated on: 4 August 2019