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Hackney markets strategy 2017-20

Our markets are an essential part of our community and provide shoppers with great value for money, as well as being vibrant social hubs, and supporting the regeneration of our high streets.

They are also outwardly facing visitor attractions which draw in over 5 million people each year with a diverse and  innovative range of products and services as well as customer and visitor experiences.

The 2017-2020 markets strategy is designed as a business plan which brings together the Council, traders and associations and seeks to ensure that the markets are recognised as attractive and appealing commercial and trading spaces.

The strategy also recognises its markets as cherished community assets, and as such supports each as a place for local people to find employment, start businesses, enjoy improved facilities, and to benefit from a healthy and safe environment.

Aims and areas of work

Page updated on: 27 June 2019

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