About the Hackney directory

The directory covers organisations in the local area which provide help and support to local people. Services covered include:

  • local voluntary, community and self-help groups
  • advice centres and helplines
  • acute and community health services
  • colleges and training providers
  • youth activities, arts, leisure and much more

For each organisation the directory provides the following:

  • contact details
  • services provided by the organisation
  • opening times
  • referral policy
  • languages spoken
  • access details

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There is an easy to use form so you can add your organisation or service to directory or update your current entry.

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Inclusion criteria

Please note: Inclusion on the database is not intended as an endorsement of the activities of any organisation listed.

Accepted types of organisations

  • local voluntary and statutory organisations
  • London-wide and national organisations that have some relevance to Hackney
  • social groups and clubs that are based or operate within Hackney or have some association with the borough
  • private/commercial companies that are part of a public/private partnership or have a charitable arm, in which case the relevant project may be listed

All organisations must abide by the following conditions

  • organisations will only be listed if a minimum amount of data is submitted: name, contact number and/or address and nature of service
  • the information listed should be provided by, or checked by, the organisation itself and agreed for public release. Organisations will have the option to refuse to be included or hide certain details about their organisation
  • if information is obtained from a third party (eg tenant participation unit, education etc) they need to be acknowledged and referenced on the database with agreement from the original information provider. This information will be subject to inclusion criteria
  • confidential details about an organisation, eg contact names, home addresses, phone numbers etc will be excluded, unless given explicit permission to be listed by the organisation itself
  • organisations/services which are only of use to people within the Council will be excluded
  • any organisation which has failed to respond to repeated mailings and phone calls will be excluded
  • any entry that conflicts with the inclusion criteria, or could potentially bring the Council into disrepute, will be excluded from the directory

Community groups should note the following before submitting an entry: Information relating to new community groups needs to be validated and agreed for release. Examples of validation: official letterhead, charity number, funding/umbrella body authorisation etc. If an organisation is not a registered charity, this should be made clear on the entry itself.


The Hackney Directory is intended as a rough guide only. The Council takes no responsibility for problems caused by using the information in this database. Please see our terms and conditions.

Page updated on: 16 June 2020