Grow your own

You don’t need a garden to grow your own food. If you’re a council tenant or leaseholder living on a council estate and you want to grow some food, get together with some neighbours and start a community garden. We’ll help you.

We’re supporting a range of food growing initiatives across estates. Council residents will be provided with advice and guidance from our team of estate gardeners.

On a number of other estates in Hackney, residents are already turning simple green spaces on their estates into beautiful herb gardens. Turkish and African residents have introduced new herbs to residents and shared recipes on how to use them in everyday cooking.

Food growing brings together residents from different backgrounds and gives them the opportunity to grow food which is cheap and healthy.

What you need to do

  • speak to residents on your estate to gather interest as there needs to be at least 5 interested residents to start the community garden
  • call or email us using the contact information below to outline the garden project proposal and what you would like to achieve
  • sign an agreement to maintain the garden, if a suitable site is found


Find more information in the ‘grow your own’ leaflet and apply by sending us back the application form.

What we’ll do

  • arrange to meet you onsite to view the proposed area
  • check the proposed area for suitability and to ensure it meets health and safety requirements and is suitable to grow food
  • hold a meeting with the interested residents to develop the project and to discuss funding how and where you could seek funding
  • oversee the build of the allotment, if approved
  • help develop a terms of reference and gardening rota with interested residents
  • provide training on allotment management
  • help promote the community garden to the estate and wider community
  • work with outside organisations, such as gardening / growing charities, to help deliver the project and provide hands on training
  • support and monitor ongoing sustainability of the garden

For further assistance or discuss a garden proposal, please contact us.

Page updated on: 21 July 2019

Resident Participation Team