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Green estates scheme

Each year, we work with 8 estates to help people save money on their bills and to help the environment by reducing carbon emissions. We do this by advising you how you can adopt green behaviours, and by upgrading estates to make them more energy efficient.

2019-20 green estates

  • Cranston Estate
  • Fairbank Estate
  • Gascoyne Estate
  • Lincoln Court
  • Suffolk Estate
  • Trowbridge Estate
  • Wenlock Barn Estate
  • Yorkshire Grove Estate

Home energy advice visits

If you’re at risk of fuel poverty (fuel poverty is when a household needs more than the national average amount of fuel, and paying for it would leave them below the official poverty line), you could get a home energy advice visit by one of our energy advisors.

We’ll send you a letter if you’re receiving housing benefit and your estate is included in the green estate scheme. You’ll be offered a home energy advice visit by one of our energy advisors where they’ll review your bills. They can also fit small energy saving devices in your home, for example, radiator reflector panels and efficiency adaptors for your taps and showers. You’ll also be offered an electric energy monitor to check your total electrical energy use.

However, you don’t have to live on a green estate – you can keep well and warm throughout the year, avoiding cold-related conditions and extra visits to the doctor due to anxiety over paying the fuel bills, by booking an energy advice session with Hackney SHINE.

Case studies

2 years ago, Mr Said was paying approximately £200 per month on gas and electricity bills. Through a local community event, Mr Said made contact with our energy team and booked an appointment.

During the resulting home visit, our advisor placed energy measures in Mr Said’s home, such as draught proofing door strips and a door brush as there was a strong draught coming in through the front door. The energy advisor also informed Mr Said about discounts he was eligible for, and alternative tariffs. Mr Said bill switched on the day and has stayed in touch with our energy team ever since, helping the family to save £643.96 on their energy bills.

Ms Hakim  is a single mum with three young boys.

She was introduced to our energy team through a friend and booked an appointment with one of our advisors. During the visit, our advisor explained what benefits and discounts she may be entitled to, gave advice on switching energy providers, and assisted in filling out the Thames Water WaterSure Plus application form.

Ms Hakim switched her energy supplier, changed payment method from quarterly payments to monthly direct debit and fixed her tariff for a year. As a result, she’s managed to save £192.70 on her energy bills and been awarded the Thames Water WaterSure Plus discount for her water bill.

Ms Hakim was so impressed with the service and help provided to her, she now volunteers as a Turkish interpreter for London Energy Saving Squad (LESS, the company who provide our energy advice visits).

Green champions

You can get involved in green activities on your estate, including recycling, composting, community gardening, cycling, local food production and tree planting, and become a green champion for your local area by contacting LESS on 0800 195 0936 or

Case study

Miss Walsh reached out to the energy team to be educated on bill switching. One of our advisors showed Miss Walsh how to look at her yearly consumption, to see which provider could offer the cheapest tariff. By switching providers, Miss Walsh saved £180 on her energy bills. She was impressed by how easy it was to save so much money, and she is now volunteering as a green champion.

Page updated on: 28 June 2019

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