Getting involved and participating in Cabinet meetings

The elected Mayor is the political leader of the Council. The Mayor appoints a number of councillors to be Cabinet councillors and mayoral advisors.

Together, the Mayor and Cabinet councillors are known as the Cabinet.

The Cabinet is responsible for putting the Council’s policies into effect and is the part of the Council responsible for most of its decisions. It has to take decisions in line with the Council’s overall policies and budget (which is set by Full Council).

The Council’s constitution sets out a number of ways residents can participate in Cabinet meetings.

This page sets out the process for doing this and provides some examples of how this has worked in the past.

You can also:

Asking a question at Cabinet

Asking a question at a Cabinet meeting is one way residents can participate in the local democratic process.  

At Cabinet meetings, any member of the public may ask questions of the Cabinet, mayoral advisers or the Mayor. Questions should be about a matter for which the Cabinet is responsible for. 

Notice of the question is required to be given in writing (including email) by 12 noon eight clear working days before the meeting.

Questions should not exceed 50 words and the person submitting the question must give their name and address and name the office holder to whom the question is being put. 

Attending remotely or in person

If attending remotely or in person, a supplementary question may also be asked to the councillor who has replied to the original question. A supplementary question must arise directly out of the original question or reply.

Submit a question

Submit a question to Cabinet

Further guidance on submitting questions to the Cabinet

Guidance can be found at part 4 of the Council’s constitution.


Organising a deputation

Any individual, organisation or group may make a written request to address the Cabinet about a specific issue that relates to the borough or a Cabinet function. This is known as a deputation. 

There are times when a deputation may be referred to another Council committee or decision making body, if appropriate.

Further guidance on deputations

Guidance on submitting a deputation to Cabinet can be found in Part 4 of the Council’s constitution.

Page updated on: 11 November 2021

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