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Gambling permits

Hackney is responsible for issuing the following types of permit under the Gambling Act 2005:

All forms must be submitted to the licensing service with the relevant fees and copies sent to responsible authorities:

Alcohol-licensed premises

These premises have an automatic entitlement for up to 2 category C or D gaming machines to be made available on the premises if:

  • the premises has a premises licence under the Licensing Act 2003
  • there is a bar at which alcohol is sold for consumption on the premises and
  • there is no condition that alcohol is served with food


Use this form to:

  • notify us of 2 or less gaming machines
  • apply to convert an existing Section 34 permit issued under the Gaming Act 1968, into a licensed premises gaming machine permit
  • apply for a new gaming machine permit
  • apply to vary or transfer an existing licensed premises gaming machine permit

Unlicensed family entertainment centres

These premises which are mainly used for people to play on gaming machines available for use – such as small arcades in holiday parks and theme parks. Any number of category D machines can be made available with the permit.

Clubs (club gaming permit and club machine permit)

Club gaming permit

A club gaming permit allows for the provision of no more than three gaming machines of categories B3A, B4, C or D. It also allows for the provision of equal chance gaming subject to the conditions for exempt gaming except that the limit on stake and prizes is removed. The permit lasts for 10 years.

Club machine permit

If a club does not wish to have the full range of facilities permitted by a club gaming permit, or if they are commercial club not permitted to provide non-machine gaming (other than exempt gaming under section 269 of the Act), then they may apply for a club machine permit. This authorises the holder to have up to three gaming machines of category B3A (except that category B3A machines may not be made available for use in commercial clubs), B4, C and D. A club machine permit has certain conditions, including that in respect of the gaming machines no child or young person uses a category B or C machine on the premises and that the holder complies with any relevant provision of a code of practice about the location and operation of gaming machine. The permit lasts for 10 years.

Prize gaming

Prize gaming is gaming where the nature and size of the prize available is not determined by either:

  • the number of people playing
  • the amount paid for, or raised by the gaming

These permits are for the premises that do not have an existing premises licence or club gaming permit.

Gaming machine categories

See the Gaming Commission’s gaming machine (fruit machine, slot machine) categories.

Page updated on: 5 July 2019

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