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Fostering FAQs

Check if you can foster

Can I foster if I’m single?

Yes, single people can foster, as well as those who are married, co-habiting or in a civil partnership.

Can I foster if I am gay or lesbian?

Yes, your sexuality is not a barrier to fostering. We already have a number of same sex couple who foster very successfully.

Can I foster if I work full time?

Yes, so long as your employer is flexible enough to allow you to take time off for meetings, training and school holidays

Can I foster if I don’t work?

Yes, and we can offer advice as to how your fostering allowance will affect any state allowances or benefits you may receive.

Can I foster if I have children of my own?

Yes, fostering can be a great experience for your children and can help to make children coming to live with you feel at home. Your whole family will be included in the assessment.

Can I foster if I have never been a parent?

Yes, we all have experience of living in a family, and we will support you in your caring role.

Can I foster if I don’t own my home?

Yes, so long as you’re financially secure, it doesn’t matter whether you rent privately, through the Council or own your home.

Can I foster if I’m past retirement age?

Yes, we welcome applications from retired applicants who have experience of working with children. As long as you have the energy and are in good health to care for a child, we want to hear from you.

Can I foster if I’m overweight?

Yes, as long as you’re healthy enough to look after a child, we want to hear from you.

Can I foster with Hackney if I live outside the borough?

Yes, but you will need to be able to easily travel to Hackney to attend our training and support groups. Please contact us to discuss.

Can I foster if I have a criminal conviction?

It depends on the conviction. A Disclosure Barring Service (DBS) check will be made on all applicants.

Can I foster if I don’t have a spare bedroom?

You must have a bedroom for the child you’re caring for.

Can I foster if I’m trying to get pregnant or become an adopter?

Being pregnant or going through the adoption process is a very anxious time. A child needs your full attention, so we don’t think it’s suitable for people going through this to foster.

Can I foster if I smoke?

Due to known health risks associated with smoking, Hackney has a no smoking policy for its foster carers. If you are a smoker, you won’t be approved to care for a child under 5 years old or with heart or respiratory problems. We will also ask you to restrict smoking within the property.

Page updated on: 4 July 2019

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