Fire safety

Fire safety has always been a priority for the Council. But the tragic fire at Grenfell Tower in 2017 showed the need to do even more to ensure people in Hackney are safe in their homes and reduce risk from fire as much as possible.

That means ensuring our management of and investment in Council homes puts fire safety first, being open and transparent about the condition of our buildings, working with other building owners and housing associations to make sure they meet their fire safety responsibilities, and ensuring residents in all types of homes know how to stay safe.

In recent years the government has rightly brought in stronger measures to ensure new buildings are built safely and existing buildings with significant fire risks are brought up to standard. We’re going above and beyond these to make all Council homes safe.

But so far it hasn’t delivered the funding to match the change in regulations. That’s why we’re making the case for more financial support so that other vital investment in Council homes doesn’t suffer as a result of our fire safety measures, and so that leaseholders aren’t passed on unreasonable costs by private building owners.

Page updated on: 25 October 2020