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Film office charges

Below are our charges for the 2019/20 financial year, effective 1 April 2019.

Standard fees

The fees below are charged for processing of all standard street filming, location filming and parking requests. For more complex shoots, alternative fees may apply.

Admin fee

£85 (+VAT) – this includes 1 hour of officer time to process an application, parking suspensions, 10 or more film vouchers, clear simple permissions and notify relevant departments and authorities.

Student and charity admin fee

£65 (+VAT).

Late notice fee

£130 (+VAT) – this will be charged in place of the standard admin fee if less than 48 hours notice is provided.

Film officer time

£65 (+VAT) – if you require a recce you will be charged by the hour eg 1 x film officer x 2hr recce = £130 (+VAT).

Productions will be charged at the same rate for an emergency call out before 10pm and £130 (+VAT) per hour from 10pm – 8am in accordance with anti-social hours.

UAS administration fee

£150 (+VAT) – this admin fee will be charged for the processing of all UAS applications (drones). However, further officer time fees may be added for complex applications.

Location fees

A location fee will be charged for filming and photography on council land and property. Applicable for all parks, markets, estates and squares. Separate fees are charged for Hackney venues, cemeteries and leisure facilities. All fees exclude VAT.

Please note: For more complex shoots, alternative fees may apply.

Crew size Rates
Small 1-15 £100 per hour
Medium 16-25 £125 per hour
Large 25+ £150 per hour

Equipment / services on public highways

Equipment type Rate
Tripod N/A
Standard equipment on public highway (dolly and track, jib, lights on stands, EZ up)


£200 half day per street

£400 full day per street

Hoarding licence Licence required
Crane licence £350
Short holds agreement (stop and go)


£200 half day per plan

£400 full day per plan

Road/pavement closure (temporary traffic notice) £350 per street

Parking services

Equipment type Rate
Parking vouchers £31 per voucher
Parking suspensions £25 per bay + £75 signage fee per street

Unit base fees

Unit base Capacity Rate
Hackney Marshes Centre Large £1,000 per day
Page updated on: 9 July 2019

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