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Fairtrade is about ensuring a better deal for producers in developing countries and making sure they get a good price for a good product. Buying Fairtrade products is the most significant way for you to help boost the economies of these communities. You can make a real difference to the lives of producers and their families by simply swapping some of the items you buy every day for those bearing the Fairtrade mark.

Switching to Fairtrade goods

The Council holds Fairtrade status and has switched all of the tea, coffee and sugar that it buys to Fairtrade products. But the real difference will be made by our residents. You can help by:

  • buying Fairtrade goods – tea, coffee, fruit, sugar, chocolate and clothes are all available in shops in Hackney
  • encouraging your work place to stock tea, coffee and sugar
  • encouraging your place of worship (if you attend one) to provide Fairtrade refreshments

What Fairtrade products can I buy?

For more information about switching to Fairtrade goods, see the Fairtrade Foundation‘s website. You might also find the London Fairtrade guide useful. It contains a lot of information about where you can buy Fairtrade goods in the capital, along with product suggestions and information.

Fairtrade in schools

If you’re a teacher or other member of staff at a school, the Fairtrade Foundation offers resources for pupils of all ages. Find out more about becoming a Fairtrade school.

Being a Fairtrade business

It’s easy to stock Fairtrade products, whether you’re a retailer or catering outlet; they’re competitively priced and there are over 4,500 to choose from. More information is available from the Fairtrade Foundation. If you don’t sell directly to the public, you can still support Fairtrade by providing Fairtrade products in your staff room or canteen.

Hackney Fairtrade Group

We first achieved Fairtrade status for the borough on 4 June 2008 and it’s now one of 22 active London boroughs with Fairtrade status.

Our Fairtrade group renewed the borough’s Fairtrade status for a further 2 years in September. The group’s led by Cllr Gilbert Smyth and includes representatives from the Council, local voluntary sector, education and local residents passionate about Fairtrade.

Membership is open to residents and campaigns and organises events to promote Fairtrade in the borough including:

  • film screenings
  • Fairtrade tasting events, with support from the Council, local shops, in libraries and markets
  • visits to schools, workplaces, community organisations and places of worship
  • Fairtrade Football
  • Fairtrade Fortnight

To maintain the borough’s status for the next two years and beyond we need to show that we, as a community, are committed to the aims of the Fairtrade Foundation. They judge us against a set of five criteria:

  • the Council has to support Fairtrade and buy or use Fairtrade products within its buildings and offices
  • a range of Fairtrade products are available for sale in a variety of shops in the borough
  • the Council gains support from schools, workplaces, places of worship and community organisations and encourages them support Fairtrade and use Fairtrade products whenever possible
  • raise awareness and understanding of Fairtrade across the community
  • a Fairtrade steering group representing different sectors is formed to coordinate action around the goals and develop them over the years

Fairtrade Fortnight

We’re planning some events for Fairtrade Fortnight. The group has also set its sights on working with businesses in the Narrow Way by encouraging more than 50% of the them to stock at least one Fairtrade product or by providing Fairtrade tea, coffee, snacks, and products for their staff, meaning the Narrow Way could be designated a Fairtrade Street.

For more information on the group please contact fair.trade@hackney.gov.uk.

Page updated on: 2 August 2019

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