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Estate services

In this section you can find out about the services we provide on council estates.

View Hackney estate profiles

The estate profile tells you more about the estate that you live on, including:

  • the boundary of your estate and how you can access the services provided to you
  • our performance in your estate, including repairs, cleaning and ASB performance data specific to your estate
  • your nearest community hall and details of any tenants residents associations that represent your estate
  • physical attributes and tenure breakdown that make up your estate

Select your estate to download its estate profile to your device.

Your housing officers

Housing officers are now more visible and active on estates with new tools to resolve residents’ concerns and the ability to provide a range of services on-the-go.

What they do

  • work with residents at local meetings and keep residents up-to-date with all estate-based improvements
  • carry out regular home checks on vulnerable residents
  • undertake monthly health and safety estate inspections and follow up any actions to resolve issues quickly
  • carry out regular tenancy inspections to ensure homes are not sublet without permission
  • manage low-level antisocial behaviour and flag them to our specialist antisocial behaviour team
  • oversee aspects of the resident-led improvement budget and take part in joint walkabouts to identify estate improvements and keep residents updated on any works

You can contact your housing officer at one of our neighbourhood housing offices. You can also email: or tel: 020 8356 3330.

Estate cleaning

Our estate cleaning teams look after the internal and external communal areas of your estate / block on a daily, weekly and cyclical basis.

Grounds maintenance

If you live in a ground floor property with a private garden, you are responsible for grounds maintenance. Council teams maintain and prune trees on communal land. However, if you have a private garden, tree maintenance is your responsibility.

Rubbish and recycling on estates

Most household waste is recyclable and mixed recycling and food waste services are available across our estates. We encourage you to recycle to reduce costs and look after the environment.

Green estates scheme

The Council encourages residents to be environmentally friendly and help reduce costs, bills and carbon emissions. For this reason we have launched the Green estates scheme.

Grow your own

The Council is supporting a range of food growing initiatives across its estates for residents to start community gardens.

Resident parking

If you are a resident on an estate which operates an estate controlled parking scheme, to park your car on your estate you will need a resident parking permit. You can also purchase visitor parking permits for your visitors.

Rent a garage

We have a number of garages across Hackney for a convenient, secure and economical way to store your car or bike. You do not have to be a Hackney Homes tenant or leaseholder to rent a garage.

What you can expect from us

We aim to provide a high quality and responsive estate cleaning and grounds maintenance services.

Our approach is to:

  • publish our cleaning standards and grounds maintenance schedules in a visible location on estates and on our website
  • provide an emergency service at weekends. Access this service by calling 020 8356 3691. Provide examples of our required cleaning standards on request, including photographic examples of the standard
  • clean areas identified as ‘hotspots’ (such as close to shopping centres, clubs, public houses, transport links or areas identified with ASB issues), either on Saturday or Sunday, or on both days, depending on need
  • carry out bulk refuse collections

Our service standards:

  • we will hold programmed quarterly estate walkabouts with tenants
  • we will raise orders on the same day for any work that is required
  • we will undertake cleaning on estates. This includes: cleaning communal entrances; sweeping courtyards, paths and roads; keeping lawns and flowerbeds clear and safe by removing litter and dangerous waste; keeping the bins and bin areas clean and clear; and replacing broken bulbs
  • estate cleaners will clean the inside of windows, where accessible in communal areas on a quarterly basis
  • we will remove offensive graffiti within three hours of being reported. Other graffiti will be removed within four working days of being reported
  • we will ensure the grounds of estates are well maintained by keeping plants in good health; pruning shrubs; and preventing the build-up of leaves in Autumn
Page updated on: 28 June 2019