Estate parking visitor vouchers terms and conditions

Your entitlement to an estate parking visitor voucher

  • residents applying for the estate parking visitor voucher must provide proof of residence on the estate
  • estate parking visitor permits must be bought by the tenant/leaseholder living on the estate
  • you must be over 17 years old to purchase a resident parking permit
  • estate parking visitor vouchers must only be used by persons visiting the address of the resident who purchased them
  • one book of estate parking visitor vouchers contains ten daily vouchers
  • the price of estate parking visitor vouchers are reviewed yearly and an increase may be applied
  • residents aged 60 or over purchasing estate parking visitor vouchers will receive a discount of 50% for the first two books bought per month (rounded up to the nearest 5 pence)
  • the numbers of estate parking visitor vouchers issued per household is subject to local conditions which are determined by the neighbourhood management, including the number of spaces available and the level of annual permits and visitor vouchers issued.
  • the local housing management service reserve the right to cease issuing estate parking visitor vouchers for an individual estate for operational and/or service reasons
  • residents buying estate parking visitor vouchers are required to cooperate with our staff carrying out checks into its purchasing and usage
  • visitors must ensure that any permitted vehicles are parked so that all wheels are within the limits of the parking space and parking is restricted to vehicles that do not exceed 2.27m (7' 5") in height, 5.25m (17' 3") in length and 3,500kg (996 lb.) in unladen weight. Otherwise the vehicle will be subject to the issuing of a penalty charge notice or be removed if parked in contravention on the estate
  • we reserve the right to cancel or refuse to issue estate parking visitor vouchers if staff are abused or the vouchers have been obtained fraudulently
  • we reserve the right to withdraw or make any changes to visitor vouchers at any time without prior notice or reason
  • estate parking visitor vouchers are non-transferable, not refundable and not for resale

You will not be issued estate parking visitors vouchers if:

  • your rent or service charge account is in arrears
  • you have three or more unpaid penalty charge notices
  • you want to use the visitor vouchers for SORN vehicles - SORN is not valid on our council estates and such vehicles are not permitted to park on the Council's estates

Sublet leasehold properties

  • leaseholders must provide proof of the sublet, including the name of the new tenants
  • leaseholders must provide evidence that the leasehold section have been informed of the sublet
  • the tenant of the leaseholder must also have a letter from the leaseholder consenting to permits being sold to their tenant
  • leaseholders must have a minimum tenancy of 12 months, to apply for estate parking visitor vouchers

Motorcycle and moped parking on estates

  • motorcycles and mopeds can park for free in estate parking zones, in permit or motorcycle bays and do not need to purchase a permit or voucher
  • motorcycles must be parked perpendicular to the kerb in a manner that would not prevent other motorists from parking
  • motorcycles must not be parked on any communal landings, balconies, stairwells, pathways or access areas and if found in these locations will be removed

How and where to use your voucher

  • the issuing of estate parking visitor vouchers does not guarantee a parking space
  • you are not allowed to park, using estate visitor vouchers on-street/the public highway, which are covered by separate parking rules
  • estate parking visitor vouchers are only valid for the estate parking zone it is issued for, indicated by signage. The voucher does not allow parking on any other land
  • no motorhome, caravan or commercial vehicle (other than a small van) can be parked outside the home, or on any road or land owned by the Council, without written permission

Where not to park with this voucher

  • estate parking spaces may need to be suspended or reserved for a temporary period of time to complete specific works on an estate (eg removal or utility works)
  • if you require the suspension of a parking bay, you will need to make an application
  • please check the signs carefully for the times when the suspension is in operation to avoid a penalty charge notice
  • do not use designated parking areas to carry out repairs to your vehicle
  • do not keep any vehicle that is not considered roadworthy on estates - this includes vehicles without road tax, MOT, insurance or a vehicle in a dangerous condition
  • do not park and block emergency access, exit points, bin chambers or access to other parking spaces or garages
  • do not park incorrectly within an estate parking zone as you may be issued with a penalty charge notice and might have to pay a fine
  • do not drive on any communal grass, planted areas etc., or you will be recharged the cost of the damage

Supporting documents

You may need to submit one form of evidence from the list below, to complete your application. Scanned copies and clear photographs will be accepted.

Proof of address

  • driving licence
  • council tax statement
  • utility bill dated in last 3 months
  • signed tenancy agreement
  • bank statement (current or savings account) dated in last 3 months
  • solicitor's letter confirming completion (new residents only)
  • legally drawn letter from landlord or estate agent valid for the full life of the permit
  • rent book from council or housing trust

Proof of age

  • birth certificate
  • passport
  • driving licence
  • NHS card
  • freedom pass

Lost or stolen estate parking visitor voucher

  • we do not replace lost, damaged or stolen visitor vouchers

Vouchers are non-refundable

  • we do not refund estate parking visitor vouchers

Preventing fraud

  • the Council considers fraud and attempted fraud to be an extremely serious matter and will not hesitate to take preventative, remedial or punitive actions against any person or organisation suspected of fraud or attempted fraud
  • if we cancel your voucher because of fraud or misuse then you will not be eligible for a refund
  • vouchers remain the property of Hackney Council and we reserve the right to withdraw any voucher without giving prior notice or reason, and your vehicle may be issued with a penalty charge notice or removed
  • it is an offence under the Vehicle (Excise) Act 1962 (Section 7) to park or keep a mechanically propelled vehicle on a public road if the vehicle is unlicenced


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