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Recycle or repair electrical items

Old and broken electrical items may seem worthless, but in fact they are full of valuable materials like gold and zinc.

The plastics and metals in waste electrical items are separated and sent to be recycled.

You can recycle batteries at all Hackney libraries.

Large items – book a collection

The Council offers collections for large items like TVs, fridges and washing machines. Collections must be booked in advance.

Book a bulky waste collection

Bulky electrical and electronic items

Hackney is part of the North London Waste Authority Area, so if you’re a Hackney resident, you can book a free, large electrical items home collection from Clearabee. Alternatively, call Clearabee on 0330 088 1085, 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday to book.

Clearabee provide free recycling collections for large and difficult to handle waste electrical items such as fridges and electric heaters.

You can take small electrical items to our WEEE banks. To cancel a booking, either reply to the booking email or email Clearabee on with your booking reference number.

Small items – take them to a recycling bank

There are also 17 banks for items like phones, toasters, kettles, irons and DVD players. Your items need to be smaller than 28cm by 23cm to fit into the banks.

Cables, plugs, chargers and remote controls can all be recycled too.

See the map below for locations:

Don’t bin it, fix it

25% of items thrown away can be reused and most of the rest can be repaired. So pass working items on to someone who can use them – try Freecycle or Gumtree.

Hackney Fixers runs free, fun restart parties to help you fix electrical and electronic goods. Find the next party on their website.

While you are there, check out repair tips or find a local repairer on the repair map.

Order recycling products

Page updated on: 6 March 2020