Domestic abuse support

This page is for anybody that wants to learn about domestic abuse support. You might be worried about yourself or someone else.

Who do we help?

We work with anyone experiencing domestic abuse:

  • living in Hackney
  • aged 16 or over
  • male or female
  • of any sex and/or gender
  • of any sexual orientation

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What is domestic abuse?

Behaviour of a person towards another person is “domestic abuse” if:

  • the people concerned are each aged 16 or over and are personally connected to each other (partner, ex-partner, family member), and
  • the behaviour is abusive

Behaviour is “abusive” if it consists of any of the following:

  • physical or sexual abuse
  • violent or threatening behaviour
  • controlling or coercive behaviour
  • economic abuse
  • psychological, emotional or other abuse

It does not matter whether the behaviour consists of a single incident or a course of conduct.

Domestic abuse is a crime. Domestic abuse comes in many forms.

The Domestic Abuse Act 2021 covers different types of abusive behaviour such as:

Take a look at the questions below and see if you can relate to any of them.

  • do you change your behaviour because you’re frightened of your partner’s reaction?
  • do you feel that you’re walking on eggshells?
  • do you feel controlled, or isolated?
  • does someone limit your control over your own money?
  • do they play mind games and make you doubt your judgment?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then there is help available for you.

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What do we do about domestic abuse?



  • any information you share with us is confidential
  • we only share information with organisations if you give us permission
  • we only share information without your permission if you or someone else are at risk of serious harm
  • we never share anything you tell us with the person that is hurting you

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How to contact us


Other organisations that can help

The Council does not commission the following services (apart from Nia’s IRIS service) and does not have responsibility for the quality of service provided.

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Information for professionals

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Violence against women and girls (VAWG) Strategy 2019-2022

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Page updated on: 19 January 2022

Domestic Abuse Intervention Service


c/o Hackney Service Centre
1 Hillman Street
E8 1DY

Opening times

  • Phone line availability: Mon-Fri 9am-5pm.


For out of hours emergencies call police 999 / housing 020 8356 2300 / Refuge 0808 2000 247