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Council tax reduction discretionary hardship scheme

Our council tax reduction scheme is a means tested award that supports working age adults on low incomes to pay their council tax, covering up to 83% of the cost.

Are you on a low income and struggling to pay your council tax?

If you receive help from the council tax reduction scheme but are still struggling to pay the remaining 17%, you may qualify for extra help through the council tax discretionary hardship fund.

This fund provides short term help to people in financial hardship who can’t afford to pay the shortfalls on their council tax.


Each application is considered on its own merits, but some of the things we consider are:

  • your financial and medical circumstances and those of your partner and other people who live with you
  • your income and outgoings and those of your partner and other people who live with you
  • any savings you might have
  • whether you are claiming all the benefits you are entitled to

Those who apply for the fund will also able to access advice around debt and money management.

Find out if you qualify for support

For more information and to find out if you qualify for support call us on 020 8356 3399 or email

You may have to complete and return a short form. We may also ask you to provide evidence in support of your claim.

Page updated on: 5 June 2019