Development management local plan

The development management local plan (DMLP) sets out detailed, generally criteria-based, planning policies which we will use, together with the London plan, the core strategy and other supplementary planning documents, to assess planning applications.

The Council formally adopted the development management local plan (DMLP), including the policies map, on 22 July 2015.

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Previous stages

Examination of the DMLP

An independent planning inspector, Simon Berkeley BA MA MRTPI, held hearings 24-25 September 2014 to determine whether it is sound.

The inspector’s schedule of main modifications does not include the main modification (ref. MM40). Following a high court decision, the inspector no longer considered the proposed amendment necessary to make the DMLP sound. The high court decision was made as part of the case West Berkshire District Council, Reading Borough Council and Department for Communities and Local Government (case ref CO/76/2015).

Consultation on the proposed main modifications

We provided further information to the inspector in response to matters raised during the hearings, which can be found in the evidence base. We consulted on proposed main modifications to the DMLP (post examination in public) and the sustainability appraisal on post submission modifications:

The consultation took place February to April 2015.

Publication version (Regulation 19)

The proposed plan was amended, taking consultation responses into account and after an internal review following the regulation 18 public participation.

Public participation stage (Regulation 18)

The draft plan underwent the first stage of public consultation (Regulation 18) in July-September 2012. See this version of the document and its supporting documents:

There were around 400 representations from 68 different representors to the consultation document in July-September 2012. Following the consultation period, we reviewed representations and met with internal and external people and organisations, including those who made representations. Where appropriate we amended the plan, and produced an updated version for this stage.

More information

For more information about the local plan, contact us on or 020 8356 8084.

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