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General election and Clissold ward by-election

General Election and Clissold ward by-election results

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Delivering school places 2019-2022

Nightingale Primary School and New Regent’s College

The Council is currently building new facilities for two existing schools. Later in 2019, New Regent’s College will move into purpose-built accommodation at Nile Street, while Nightingale Primary School will move to its new school in the Tiger Way development.

To fund this work the Council is also building residential accommodation above the schools, for private sale. This will ensure that the education facilities will be built to the same high quality as our award-winning Building Schools for the Future projects, and will also fund the expansion of Nightingale Primary by one form of entry.

The Council is acting as the developer on both these schemes, ensuring that all of the income generated by selling housing can be reinvested in the schools and other Council priorities. We also retain the freehold on both sites, and plan to make a £12m contribution towards affordable housing elsewhere in the borough from the proceeds of the sale of private homes. Any additional surplus will be reinvested by the Council in other services.

City of London Shoreditch Park Academy

Recent projections showed we needed a new secondary school. The new City of London Shoreditch Park Academy, which opened on a temporary site in Haggerston in 2017, provides 900 extra secondary school places and 240 sixth form places. Its permanent site will be built as part of the Britannia Leisure Centre development, and is due to open in 2021.

We had planned to build a second secondary school on the Benthal Primary School site, which would have seen Benthal rebuilt on the Nightingale Primary site after its move to Tiger Way.

However demand for school places across London has slowed down. Having carefully monitored data, including birth rates, the number of people moving into the borough, and the number of children on our primary schools’ roll, we have concluded that we only need one new secondary school at this time so the plans for the Benthal site will no longer go ahead.

Page updated on: 3 June 2019