Cycle parking and security

We’ve invested heavily in installing over 2,500 publicly accessible on-street cycle parking spaces, as well as cycle stands at many workplaces, in schools and at all local rail stations. Bike lockers and cycle racks have also been installed on Hackney Housing estates and we have installed some secure cycle parking on residential streets as a trial.

Secure residential cycle parking

We offer secure cycle hangars for residents across the borough. A space in one costs £42 a year on street, and £30 a year on estates, plus a £25 key deposit. Due to the high level of demand, there is a restriction of one space per resident.

See the spaces available in your area

Demand for this extremely popular programme has far outstripped the number of hangars we can provide. 

In order to help you, we’ve created a new map that shows where hangars are located, and the number of residents on the waiting list for each hangar. 

If there are no hangars in your area, and you want to be notified of any new installations you can register your interest in new hangars only – how to do so is explained on this page.

We are installing new hangars, but please note that registration of interest is not a guarantee that you’ll eventually be allocated a place.

See hangars in your area

Register your interest in an existing cycle hangar

If you’d like to apply for a space in a cycle hangar, you will need to register your interest. If you’re a couple or a group of people, you’ll need to register your interest separately, as we are only able to offer one space per person due to the level of demand for the service.

You can express your interest in up to 5 hangars in your area and you’ll automatically be offered a space when you reach the top of the waiting list. You’ll also automatically be considered for any new hangars installed close to your home.

Available spaces will be offered to the residents who have been on the waiting list for each hangar the longest.

You will be able to check where you are on the waiting list for your hangars via your account.

Find out when new hangars are installed

If there are no convenient hangars close to your home that are , you can still register your interest in renting a space in a hangar, in case one is installed in your area at a later date. 

When you register your interest it helps us see where we need new hangars. Registering for an existing hangar won’t spoil your chances of getting a place in a new one.

We choose the sites depending upon:

  • demand from local residents
  • support from local residents
  • the distribution of hangars across the borough

When we install a new hangar we’ll offer places to the people who live nearby and have been on the waiting list longest.

Before you apply

  • create an account – you can also log in with your existing details if you have a parking or bulky waste account
  • select ‘on street hangar’ or ‘estate cycle hangar’ (available to residents of Hackney Council estates only)
  • if you haven’t used the system before you’ll need to enter your personal details before you can access the cycle hangar registration
  • select the hangar(s) that you would like to register for, or choose to be notified about new hangars in your area
  • submit your registration
  • once the registration has been submitted you will be able to review the registration date that has been allocated and if required update your selections (the unique code will be required if updating your registration)

Register your interest

What happens next

If you’ve joined the waiting list for a specific hangar (or hangars) then we’ll email you when you’re next in the queue. You’ll also be considered for a space in any new hangars near your home. We allocate the spaces to the people who have been on the waiting list the longest.

Please be aware that demand for this extremely popular service far outstrips the number of spaces available, so we can’t guarantee you’ll eventually be offered a space.

Existing cycle hangar users

  • pay your annual renewal fee for your hangar space
  • order a replacement key
  • cancel your space
  • report a problem with  your hangar 

Log in

One car, ten bikes trial

We are trialling cycle parking racks in the shape of cars – car bike ports – which are able to take ten bicycles in a single car parking space. We have three of these at the moment and are testing them out in different locations for up to eight weeks at a time. We are moving them around the borough  to see where they get the most use.

So look out for them, use them and vote with your bike. Where they get used most we will consider making them permanent.

The car bike ports have visited streets including Wilton Way, Finsbury Park Road, Provost Street, Jackman Street, Fremont Street and Gransden Avenue. To suggest a site for a new bike rack:

Estate cycle parking

Bike lockers can be rented to Hackney Housing residents for £35 a year and are provided by BikeAway.

Request cycle parking on your estate

You can request bike lockers, Sheffield stands for visitors or other lockable bike storage.


We work with Hackney Housing, registered social landlords and private estates to provide advice and funding towards secure cycle parking on their estates. The level of funding provided depends on factors including:

  • number of residents on the estate
  • evidence of demand, such as bikes locked on balconies or railings
  • level of match funding available
  • incidences of bike theft in the local area.

To find out more about what’s available, please read the guide below. To apply for funding, complete the application form below and return to For further information please call 020 8356 3000.

We will review your application and seek internal approval to proceed with the funding. We will let you know the decision within three months of receiving the application.

Workplace cycle parking

We have been working with a number of businesses to provide secure cycle parking for staff and visitors. For more information on suitable cycle parking and how to apply.

Cycle security

Know your frame number

Usually this is on the bottom of the frame. Write it down. Nearly 75% of people reporting bicycle thefts to the police do not know their frame number.

Register your bike

Register your bicycle model, make and frame number at immobilise or bikeregister. Without this information the police don’t stand a chance of recovering your bike if it’s stolen.

Get insurance

An easy way to do this is to extend your home contents insurance to cover your bicycle – but make sure it covers you for thefts outside the home too. If your bicycle is particularly valuable you may need to insure it separately.

Lock your bike up properly

Buy a decent lock – or preferably two. Check the London Cycling Campaign website for types of lock and Sold Secure for certified locks. Expect to pay over £40 or 20 per cent of the value of your bike on a lock.

Leave your bike somewhere where everyone can see it – people will also see if someone is trying to steal it.

Lock the frame and both wheels. Lots of people have just their frame or just their wheels stolen.

Use a bike stand if there is one available because grills and gates can be cut with bolt cutters.

Don’t leave your bike in the same place every day. It will be noticed.

Face the lock to the ground (but not resting on it) so it can’t easily be turned upwards for picking.

Make it impossible for a thief to smash the lock open. Fill the D part of a lock with as much of the bike as possible and never leave the lock lying on the pavement – a lock can be sledgehammered easily when it’s resting on the ground.

Take any items that can be removed without tools with you: wheels, lights, pump, computer, panniers, seat post and saddle. These can go even if you leave your bike unattended for just a few minutes.

On street cycle parking

We install high quality Sheffield stands where there is high demand for cycle parking. Where there is no space for Sheffield stands, we can attach cycle hoops to lampposts and bollards. Click on the map markers for street names and location details.

Page updated on: 8 April 2020