Staying safe online

The Council suffered a severe cyberattack in October 2020 that affected the systems that we managed on servers that we owned. Our recovery from the attack has helped accelerate the modernisation of our technology.

All of our software and data is:

  • available securely directly over the web so that an outage does not have an affect on all council systems
  • managed in a global datacentre or by a specialist software provider
  • stored and managed independently of any other software or data so that access to one system cannot enable access to another
  • accessible only through ‘two factor’ authentication, meaning guessing (or getting access to a weak password isn’t enough to gain access to the system

More information on what data we collect, why and how we use it is available in our data protection policy.

Organised criminals will continue to target organisations around the world to cause disruption. You can learn more about how to stay safe online. Key advice includes:

  • only clicking on links that you trust
  • using a password manager so that you can use complex and different passwords on different websites
  • making sure your internet connection is safe
Page updated on: 4 November 2021