Council Tax Rebate

How do I access this support?

In order to apply you will need:

  1. Email address – to register for an account
  2. Property reference number – enter your postcode on GOV.UK , find your property, and copy the local authority reference number 
  3. Bank details – including sort code and account number

Application deadlines

  • the deadline to complete form one is midnight on 31 August 2022
  • the deadline to complete form two is midnight on 14 November 2022
  • the deadline to complete form three is midnight on 14 November 2022


Choose one of the four options below that applies to you, and fill out the short online application form.

1. I live in a property which is Band A to D Council Tax, and do not receive any Council Tax reduction. 

Fill in form one to claim your £150 payment

2. I live in a property which is Band A to D Council Tax, and I receive Council Tax reduction. I have not filled in form 1 to claim £150.

Fill in form one and two to claim your £180 payment

3. I live in a property which is Band A-D Council Tax, and I receive Council Tax Reduction. I have already filled in Form 1 and claimed £150.

Fill in form two to claim your additional £30 payment

4. I live in a property which is Band E to H Council Tax, and I receive Council Tax reduction.

Fill in form three to claim your £150 payment

If none of the above applies to you, we may still be able to help.

If any of the below are true for you, give us a call and we will see how we can support you:

  • you moved into Hackney and started paying Council Tax here after 1st April 2022
  • you do not pay Council Tax but you do pay energy bills to providers

Our lines are very busy at the moment, we are sorry for the inconvenience.


How can I protect myself from being scammed?

We are currently texting residents to remind them to claim their £150 or £180 cash payments.

We will need you to provide your sort code and account number when applying for this scheme.

These are the details we use to make payments, and money cannot be taken from your account using these details.

To approve your payment we might ask you to upload a copy of a recent bank statement to GrantApproval.

This will help us to make sure that your payment is sent to the correct bank account.

These requests will come from: or, after you have made an application.

If you are worried about a text message or call you receive, you can call us back on 0208 356 3111 and  one of our friendly staff will be happy to help.

If you believe you have been a victim of fraud or identity theft, report it directly to Action Fraud or call 0300 123 2040.

How can I learn about additional financial support

If you are in need of additional financial support, you may also be entitled to:

I need help completing the online form. Who can I contact?

For those with accessibility issues and/or struggling to complete the form alone, call us on 0208 356 3111 (Monday to Friday 10am to 4pm) and we will be happy to help you.

Do not call us about when you will receive your payment unless it has been more than 14 days since you received your confirmation email and you have not been paid.

How will my data be used on the online application form?

To validate your bank account details, we will need to share relevant information with TransUnion. This is to ensure that your support payment is paid to the correct bank account.

For more information visit: TransUnion 

We may use automated decision-making to determine if you are eligible to access funds. This means that a decision may be made by automated means.Your right under the DPA 2018 allows you to object to any automated-decision-making used in the process. If you do, there may be a delay in the processing of your application.

If you wish to request any changes to the way your data is used for the purposes of processing this application, including the withdrawal of consent, you can exercise your right under GDPR in writing the Council’s DPO.If you do withdraw your consent, we will not be able to continue payments to you. Your consent is necessary to establish your eligibility to authorise any payments made.

For more information on how we may handle your data, see our privacy statement. 

Page updated on: 18 August 2022