Coronavirus and vulnerable people resources

Resources for vulnerable people


Lots of things are changing because of coronavirus (Covid-19).

View the latest information from the Integrated Learning Disabilities Service.

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We want our vulnerable people, such as those with learning disabilities, to stay safe and well. Many of them will need support to do this. We have put together some information to help including easy read information.

5 ways to wellbeing

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Latest rules

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People holding a shield

Information leaflets and posters


Face masks and coverings

Someone wearing a face scarf

Getting tested

Someone having a swab test

Getting vaccinated and staying well

Someone getting innoculated

Things to do

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Death and loss

Someone offering support

Death and loss support.

NHS help

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Resources for autistic people

Resources for carers, volunteers and health professionals

Covid-19 and vaccine resources for carers, volunteers and health professionals

Top tips

Below are some summary sheets containing top tips when working with particular groups:

Advice on behaviour that challenges

Looking after yourself

Death and loss support

Other resources for carers and people supporting carers

Resources for people living with dementia, carers / family and professionals

Key resources

Dementia online support groups

Top tips for call handlers / befrienders / professionals


Page updated on: 1 March 2021