Coronavirus transport strategy

To support people to walk, cycle and maintain social distancing as lockdown eases and people continue to avoid public transport, we’re developing a radical post-lockdown transport strategy, one of the most ambitious of any London borough.

So far we’ve:

We are also set to:

  • close a further 20 roads to through-traffic, nine of which are subject to cabinet approval and will create two new low traffic neighbourhoods in Hoxton West, Haggerston and London Fields
  • introduce a further 40 School Streets, where roads outside schools are closed at the start and end of the school day – nearly all Hackney primary schools will have a School Street by September

We will release our full strategy in the coming weeks, which includes further measures to protect walkers and cyclists, enhance the borough’s cycle network, increase road safety and cycle training and implement schemes in two of our town centres to aid social distancing and support people to get around safely.

How can residents have their say?

All of the measures would be implemented temporarily under experimental traffic orders for a maximum period of 18 months, giving residents the chance to have their say on how they work in practice before any are made permanent.

Letters will be sent to residents in the area around every closure, outlining how they can have their say.

What about access for residents and emergency vehicles?

Access for residents and businesses would be maintained from either side of closures, and emergency services would be able to drive through.

Page updated on: 29 June 2020