Coronavirus – support for carers

We are only too aware that the pressures upon you as a carer are likely to be greater than ever right now for a whole host of reasons including if:

  • you are self-isolating and hence can’t get out to the person you care for
  • you are self-isolating with the person they care for and hence unable to get any time away from the person you care for
  • you care for a child and a parent living in different properties
  • you have concerns regarding care workers coming into the home causing you increased anxiety
  • you have cancelled care workers due to concerns and hence taking on all the caring yourself
  • care workers have cancelled due to illness and replacements not found
  • day centre provisions have been cancelled meaning you have to take on the care
  • you are struggling with your own emotional wellbeing whilst trying to remain strong for the person you are caring for
  • you might have found yourself thrown into a caring role for the first time due to coronavirus
  • you might have been managing previously without any support from social services or voluntary sector organisations and are therefore unfamiliar with the system, may struggle to ask for help and are possibly feeling extremely overwhelmed
  • you may be concerned about financial difficulties and other practical issues

FAQs – all carers

FAQs – adult carers (aged over 18) caring for another adult

Guides for families and carers

Join other carers for a virtual cuppa

Virtual cuppa is a bunch of carers coming together for supportive chats to share practical tips and tricks, and sometimes just to vent.

Looking after somebody who might be vulnerable to coronavirus is really tough. There’s no right answer, but we can figure things out together.

Hear about one Hackney carer’s experience of joining the daily cuppas.

Page updated on: 18 January 2021