Coronavirus – advice about getting food deliveries if you’re self-isolating

We know that there are a large group of residents in Hackney who need to stay at home and self-isolate and are struggling to access food deliveries at the moment.

Food for people who are on the Government’s extremely vulnerable shielded list

The Government has identified a group of residents who are most at risk from coronavirus. If you are on this list, you will have received a letter and will have one of the conditions listed. The Government is organising weekly parcels for people in this group. They have also shared information about people on the shielded list with supermarkets and they are beginning to contact people.

People in urgent need

The Council has also been delivering food parcels to a wider group who are in most urgent need of food. We are also working with the Food Bank to increase their donations, as well as providing additional grant funding to increase the number of hot meals being provided.

If you are in urgent need because you are running out of food and cannot get help from a friend or arrange a delivery, or can’t afford food, you can register for help. We are receiving a lot of calls a day so please only use this as a last resort, and we will try to help within 48 hours.

Advice about getting a delivery

Many supermarkets are now offering dedicated shopping times to older people and to NHS staff.  For those who can’t shop safely in stores and are not on the Government’s list, it can be very difficult to find a delivery slot at the moment.

We have also been working with supermarkets at a regional and national level to try to open up deliveries for all who are struggling to find available slots currently.

Here is some advice about getting supermarket deliveries and also some alternative options that have recently become available from suppliers who usually work with restaurants or workplaces.

We will keep this page updated as more information becomes available. If you are a local business that’s offering deliveries to customers please contact us at and we will share your information either on this page or within local networks.

We are not recommending or advertising these businesses, just sharing information.

Volunteer gift cards

Asda, Waitrose , Sainsbury’s and Marks and Spencer have launched a volunteer gift card so that someone else can do your shopping for you.

Please make sure you only share this with a volunteer from an organisation you know or with someone you know.

Home delivery schemes

  • Co-op has a home delivery scheme open to new customers that covers some parts of the borough. You can type in your postcode to check
  • Dispatch is a new directory of independent businesses that are delivering food in response to coronavirus
  • Farmdrop is accepting new customers, and new delivery slots become available each day.
  • Morrisons is selling essential food parcels available to new customers
  • New Covent Garden Market, who usually supply wholesale products to retail and restaurants have provided information about all of their businesses that are offering deliveries directly to customers
  • Sainsbury’s has said that it is in the process of contacting all elderly and vulnerable customers. It is giving vulnerable customers priority access to its online home delivery service
  • Tesco has a helpline for existing customers who can’t safely shop in-store
  • DEFRA have produced a summary of companies taking telephone orders and also selling standard food parcels
Page updated on: 19 May 2020