Citizen index database

We want to help you do your council business as quickly, conveniently and easily as possible. In line with our drive for better customer services we have created a citizen index to improve the security and management of our databases.

The citizen index is a central database of all our residents that can be used by all services and departments across the Council.

Any changes to your central record will automatically update all other database systems, including Hackney Service Centre, online forms, council tax, electoral register, Local Land and Property Gazetteer (LLPG).

Why does the Council need a citizen index?

There are many advantages to having a central database both for you, our residents and the Council, including:

  • you will only ever have to tell us once if you make any changes to your personal details
  • you can be sure we have up to date details for all your Council business
  • you won’t have to repeat your details each time you contact us either – for example if you phone your name will be enough for us to access your record then verify it with you, or in an online form your name and postcode will pull in your address details
  • you won’t have to repeat all the details of a previous enquiry – so each time you get in touch we’ll be picking up from where you left off
  • we can keep your details extra secure in one place
  • we have less chance of making mistakes as we are only updating one record

Why do you need my personal information’?

Depending on why you get in touch there are variety of reason for taking your details.

As well as confirming you are who you say you are, perhaps we’ll need to contact you, deliver a service to your home, make a record of your request or double check your details against existing information. We may also be obliged to record your details for statutory or regulatory reasons.

With your agreement we might also contact you with news on services or to ask for your feedback on a service you’ve received from us.

Who will be able to see my details?

Your information is only shared across the Council and organisation’s providing services on our behalf (eg Hackney Learning Trust). What each area of the Council can access of your record is also restricted to information they need to provide a good, timely service for you, nothing more.

We won’t use your information for third party marketing purposes or indeed pass it on to any third parties, except for legal or statutory requirements or because the information is processed by them on our behalf.

Will my personal information be secure?

By sharing your details in the citizen index you don’t forfeit your rights under the Data Protection Act 1998. We’ll continue to apply the same level of care to safeguard your privacy and use of your information across all our services.

The information will be stored on the ‘locked down’ system to ensure that only authorised system administrators and designated user accounts will have access to the system. The security design will comply with the information security standards BS7799.

Can I opt out of the citizen index?

You can choose not to participate in the citizen index or any other data sharing initiatives.

However, we hope you’ll be able to see the advantages. The index will make it quicker, more convenient and easier for you to do your council business.

If you decide not to share your information it won’t affect the services you receive from the Council. But it will take more time to process and verify your details each time you contact us or when we need to contact you.

To opt out, please contact us either by email

What information does the Council collect?

Whenever you get in touch with us either in person, on the phone or online, we’ll usually need your basic contact details: name, address, telephone number together with enough information about your enquiry to be able to help you quickly and effectively.

We’ll also sometimes ask for more personal details about you for our equalities monitoring. It’s always optional for you to provide this information. But it’s very useful for us to make sure we’re reaching and responding to all sectors of the community, inclusive of ethnicity, age and disability.

With the citizen index we will hold your contact details centrally and won’t have to ask for this each time you get in touch or we need to contact you.

Page updated on: 16 July 2019

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