Cazenove Ward by-election

Notice of Casual Vacancy

We published the Notice of Casual Vacancy on Tuesday 28 November 2023.

See Notice of Casual Vacancy (google doc)

Notice of Election

We published the Notice of Election on Tuesday 5 December 2023.

See Notice of Election (google doc).

Notice of Election Agents

See Notice of Election Agents (google doc).

Notice of Poll

See Notice of Poll (google doc)

Statement of persons nominated

See Statement of persons nominated (google doc).

Who can vote

All electors must be 18 years of age on or before Thursday 18 January 2024.

You need to be on the Hackney Register of Electors to vote. If you’re not registered, you can’t vote.

Registered British, Commonwealth, Irish, and European Union citizens can vote. British overseas electors cannot vote.

Register to vote

You should register to vote if you have:

  • turned 18 on or before Thursday 18 January 2024
  • never registered before
  • moved house recently – if you’re a student, make sure you’re registered at the correct address
  • recently changed your name

To vote in this election you must register to vote before midnight on Tuesday 2 January 2024. To register, see Register to vote.

Ways to vote

Poll Cards

Your Poll Card will arrive in the form of a letter inside an envelope instead of being a piece of card. Keep an eye out for your updated Poll card.

Election day

Page updated on: 19 January 2024

Electoral Registration and Elections Office


Hackney Town Hall
Mare Street
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Opening times

  • Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday – 9am to 5pm (telephone)
  • Wednesday – 9am to 4pm (telephone)