Car free developments

Car free developments are developments with no parking facilities for residents other than those provided for registered blue badge holders.

They exist to make these developments better places for people, and to encourage residents towards more sustainable methods of transport such as running, walking and cycling.

They also help to reduce local levels of air pollution and to help residents live healthier and longer lives, and also to reduce noise pollution.

Residents in car free developments can’t apply for on-street parking permits

Residents who live in a car free development are not legally permitted to apply for an on-street parking permit in Hackney.

It is the responsibility of the developer or landlord to inform the resident or buyer of their car free property status.

If residents don’t believe that their deed, lease or tenancy agreement contained information relating to this planning condition then they should take this up with the developer or landlord.

Other options and alternatives

Other options and alternatives available to residents in car free properties within parking zones, are set out below:

  • walking
  • cycling
  • using public transport
  • signing up to a car club scheme
  • residents in car free developments within parking zones may also purchase visitor vouchers by logging into their permit account

Car capped developments

Car capped developments are similar to car free developments but with limited on-site parking facilities.

Like residents in car free developments, residents in car-capped developments are also prevented from applying for on-street parking permits as part of their legal planning agreement.

Car capped developments are usually considered within areas with low public transport accessibility and where additional off-street spaces would be deemed unlikely to harm or change existing streets, the public realm, or conditions for on-street parking.

Legal planning agreements

Car free and car capped developments each require their developer to enter into a legal planning agreement with the Council.

This ensures that the future occupants of any such development will never be able to access on-street parking permits.

It also ensures a responsibility to the developer and to any subsequent property owner or landlord to disclose this information to any future tenant or purchaser.

Page updated on: 26 March 2021

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