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Buying your council home

You can buy your council home from us at a discounted price under the Right to Buy scheme if you meet the eligibility criteria including being a secure public sector tenant for a minimum of three years.

Since 6 April 2015, the maximum discount that a secure tenant can receive when they purchase under the Right to Buy scheme has increased to £110,500. The exact amount of discount will depend on the market value of your property and the length of time you have been a tenant. You can estimate your likely discount and the value of your property using the government’s right to buy discount calculator.

The Right to Buy discount in London increased to £110,500 from 6 April 2019 and the discount is now applied to applications.

Apply to buy your home

Our Right to Buy information booklet provides information on the full right to buy process. When you are ready to apply, please complete an application form along with the additional information form:

Right to Buy agents’ service

The government’s Right to Buy Agent service offers free and impartial advice for council tenants who are interested in understanding and taking up the Right to Buy their home. They can help you with:

  • finding out if you are eligible
  • working out your discount
  • providing advice about obtaining a mortgage
  • guidance about the costs involved
  • completing your application form
  • finding a solicitor

Contact the Right to Buy agents’ service on 0300 123 0913

Protecting your home

There are private companies and individuals who offer to help tenants buy their homes. Please be aware that you may not get good advice from them and could end up becoming homeless.

Sometimes, you are asked to pay for assistance that you can get for free. For example:

  • we will provide an application form and help you fill it in
  • we will explain how the sales process works and answer your questions
  • banks and building societies offer free mortgage advice
  • we are here to help you and our advice costs nothing

Companies and individuals offering money

Sometimes companies or individuals offer tenants money to buy their homes under the Right to Buy scheme. If you enter into this type of agreement:

  • once you buy your property, you will have to repay any discount received if you transfer or sell within five years
  • the money you make is unlikely to be enough to buy another home, and you will not be given another property to rent

Please think very carefully before using one of these companies or individuals. Ask yourself ‘what’s in it for them?’ Do not sign anything that you are not entirely clear about or happy with.

Some tenants have become homeless after agreeing to deals like this. It is very important that you get independent legal advice from your own solicitor or the Citizens Advice Bureau, before you enter into such an agreement.

Page updated on: 27 June 2019

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