Buildings insurance

We are responsible for arranging your buildings insurance which covers the structure and communal parts of the building. You pay for the cost of buildings insurance in your service charges.

This insurance protects these parts of the building against damage caused by:

  • fire, lightning, explosion or earthquake
  • aircraft
  • storm, tempest or flood
  • escape of water and frost damage to fixed water tanks, apparatus or pipes
  • escape of oil from fixed domestic oil-fired heating installation and smoke damage resulting from a defect in any fixed domestic heating installation
  • theft or attempted theft
  • impact by any vehicle or animal
  • subsidence, landslip or heave
  • falling of fixed radio and television aerials, fixed satellite dishes, their fitting and masts
  • falling trees, telegraph poles or lamp-posts

It does not cover day to day maintenance and repairs that are caused by wear and tear.

Claiming for damage

Our buildings insurance cover is provided by Ocaso Ltd. The Ocaso Building Insurance Policy provides full details of the cover. If you want to make a claim, contact Ocaso on 0344 856 2032 and quote our policy number 194263.

Contents insurance

The building insurance cover which forms part of your service charges is for the structure and communal parts of the building only. As the contents of your home and belongings are not covered by this policy you are strongly advised to arrange contents insurance.

We are not responsible for loss of, or damage to, your belongings, including that caused by other residents.

Page updated on: 28 June 2019

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