Pigeons can damage buildings, cars and other property, and pose a health risk. We offer a professional, speedy service to deal with pigeon problems at competitive prices.

Removing pigeons and pigeon faeces

We provide treatments to deal with pigeon problems and can give advice to businesses or individuals who may be experiencing problems with pigeons. We can remove adult pigeons and chicks and clean away pigeon faeces.

If you have a pigeon problem, contact us. We can visit your property and provide you with advice and a quote. The cost for this service is £20.

Preventing pigeon problems

We can block-up openings to lofts, steeples, vents, and eaves with wire mesh, wood, sheet metal, or other solid construction materials to prevent pigeons from entering.

We can put netting and spikes on balconies to prevent pigeons from nesting on your property.

Do not feed pigeons

Pigeons do not need your help to survive. They are very adaptable and are capable of finding food in an urban environment.

We do not wish to discourage the feeding of wild birds, but if you are attracting pigeons, stop placing food where they can access it, or use bird feeders.


We have no statutory duty to take action against seagulls.

Only the owner of a building or occupier can take action against gulls nesting on it, or they can give someone else permission to do it. We discourage members of the public from trying to kill herring gulls which nest on their property. Only licensed contractors are legally allowed to kill certain species of gulls.

Preventing problems

The best method of preventing seagulls on your rooftop is to make changes to the surfaces on the roof so the seagulls no longer want to roost there.

If gulls have built a nest on your roof, you should make it gull proof outside the nesting season – interfering with their nests may be illegal. Because the gulls are powerful, proofing can be difficult and dangerous. You should contact a specialised seagull pest control company.

More information and advice

Page updated on: 20 January 2020

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