Our #BetterRenting campaign

Our #BetterRenting campaign strives for a better system for the more than 30,000 private renters in Hackney by supporting tenants, challenging government and working with landlords.


Our commitment

The private sector is badly regulated. This allows:

  • substandard conditions
  • mistreatment from landlords
  • unstable tenancies
  • extortionate rents

In Hackney, we’re committed to supporting private tenants and challenging rogue landlords. That’s why we’ve pushed for the changes we want to see to make renting in Hackney better. For example: 

We’ve also introduced our own measures like licences for landlords and living rent homes for tenants.

Support for private renters

See help for private sector tenants

Challenging government

We’re campaigning for:

Working with landlords

We can only use the powers given to us by the government, so we’re calling on landlords to work with us and their private renters to create a fairer system.

Ways landlords can help:

Page updated on: 9 June 2023

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