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Why air pollution is a problem

Air pollution results in around 10,000 premature deaths in London every year. The principal driver of air pollution in London is road transport and, within that, diesel vehicles, with nearly 40 per cent of all nitrogen dioxide emissions within London coming from diesel vehicles. Other sources of air pollution such as gas boilers, burning wood and coal at home and construction sites are also significant sources of air pollution which we work to address.

All of these sources contribute to poor air quality, with its negative health impacts on residents. Air pollution can cause short and long term effects on health, including heart disease, strokes, asthma and lung cancers.

Improving conditions for walking and cycling, discouraging people from driving and addressing other borough wide and local sources is critical if we are to reduce air pollution and make our neighbourhoods more attractive and liveable for everyone.

We can’t tackle air pollution alone, and it requires stronger action from the Government. We will continue to lobby the Government for more powers to tackle air pollution.

For more information on air pollution, its health effects and types of pollutants, visit Public Health England.

Page updated on: 8 July 2019