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Adult needs assessment

Before we can support you, we will need to conduct a needs assessment to establish your support needs as well as the need for help from social care services.

A new national needs assessment framework including eligibility criteria and a standard for care and support were introduced as part of the Care Act 2014 from 1 April 2015. The assessment of your needs will reflect the new framework for service users for service users and what you tell us.

Make an initial self-referral / assessment

This service is aimed at adults who are experiencing problems looking after themselves. It is open to people 18 years or over who live in the borough of Hackney. Self-referral gives you the choice to assess your own care needs or carry out an initial referral on behalf of someone else. If you or someone you know might benefit from our support, please complete an initial self-referral to find out if we can help you.

Complete a self-referral / assessment

Please note

To ensure the right services are provided to meet your needs, the information you provide may be shared with professionals such as district nurses, physiotherapists etc. By continuing with the self-referral, you give your consent to your information being shared for these purposes.

An assessment involves

  • you
  • your children, family, friends
  • and a trained member of our staff

You might also want to involve someone who looks after you, for example your carer, or someone else if necessary to speak on your behalf such as an advocate. The assessment can also include other people, such as your GP. We will arrange for an interpreter if you do not speak English or if you use sign language

In your assessment we will ask you about

  • your difficulties and needs
  • what help you currently receive, or think you need

We will consider your views and those of your carer and will ensure everyone works together effectively. We then use this information to decide which services to arrange for you. If necessary, we can arrange services to meet your needs while your assessment is completed.

How do I arrange an assessment?

You can complete an initial self-referral / assessment or contact the services below.

What happens next?

Everyone is entitled to an assessment as highlighted in the Care Act 2014 and you can request an assessment at any time.  Once your request for an assessment is received by our Adult Social Care service, a member of our team will be in contact with you to obtain the necessary information and to determine how urgent your request is.

The assessment is designed to identify your support needs and will evaluate any risks to your independence, if those needs are not being met. The assessment is aimed at gathering sufficient information about your support needs to determine if you are eligible for support according to the National Framework as stated in the Care Act 2014.

You will receive an allocated worker who will complete your assessment with you and who will discuss the outcome of your assessment once it is completed.

After your assessment

Following your assessment, you will be informed of the outcome and your allocated worker will discuss the appropriate support options that are available to you. We might be able to signpost you to community support services that can support you with your needs or we can refer you to our reablement service that will support you to maximise your independence at home.

If you have been assessed as being eligible for support, we can arrange the necessary support on your behalf or if you prefer to arrange some services yourself, you can choose to have a cash equivalent personal budget instead.  However, your allocated worker will discuss the options available to you once your assessment has been completed.

What you can expect from us

  • we will attempt to complete your assessment within 28 days from receiving your request
  • once your assessment is completed, we will discuss the outcome with you and a determination will be made if you are eligible for support according to the National Framework stated within the Care Act 2014
  • if eligible for support, we will endeavour to develop a care and support plan with you to help you meet your support needs which were identified during your assessment
  • we will complete your care and support plan with you within 28 days following your assessment
  • if you have been assessed as not being eligible for support, your allocated worker discuss with you how best to support you by providing advice and information, referring you to appropriate community support services or involving occupational therapy support to help maximise your independence
  • your care and support plan will be reviewed each year to ensure it continues to meet your needs
  • if you require an occupational therapist to assess your mobility within your home environment, we will arrange this for you. You will receive simple equipment you are eligible to receive within 7 days

What happens if I disagree with an assessment?

If you do not agree with the conclusions of the assessment, you can appeal this decision. You must tell us you want to appeal within 2 weeks of receiving the outcome of an assessment and return the form to us within one month for the appeal to be considered.

Page updated on: 5 July 2019

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