Adult carers

The Council provides advice and support for adult carers who care for the elderly, children with special needs and adults with physical or learning disabilities. Carers may be entitled to receive additional help and support for their own needs from the local authority.

The carer’s assessment is carried out by the Council to try and establish the needs of an individual who requires help from social care services and to arrange services to meet their needs.

Who is an adult carer?

An adult carer is anyone who is caring for friends, relatives or neighbours on a regular basis. The person cared for may be frail, disabled and mentally or physically ill. This service provides help and support to carers to continue providing care.

What help is available?

Service providers and partners

In Hackney, adult carers can receive advice and help through the information and assessment team or the community mental health team. You can also contact one of our external partners through the Carers are the Bedrock Service. Please see the carers’ information pack  for details of our partners and how to make a referral.

Benefits available to carers

Page updated on: 8 January 2020

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