Pitwell Mews, E8

Redevelopment of a brownfield site off Wilton Way, creating a secluded, mixed-use mews of three houses and a small office building.

Pitwell Mews, E8

Scheme details

Architect: Wilton Studio Ltd
Client: Anna Schnabel, Jochen Driessle
Contractor: Kelly Contractors, Peter Rzepa Building Services

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About the project

Pitwell Mews is a secluded, mixed-use mews off Wilton Way, consisting of 3 houses and a small office building.

A brownfield site has been redeveloped to create a small community of people living, working or living and working here. The houses are new-built replacing a former printing warehouse.

The office is a refurbished pre-existing building. The site was developed by Anna Schabel and Jochen Driessle and designed by their architecture firm Wilton Studio. They live and work at Pitwell Mews.

A sense of community, sustainability and joyful living were the main criteria in the development of the project.

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