Nationality document return service

You can use the nationality document return service if you:

  • have electronically submitted an AN or MN1 application for British citizenship within 9 working days prior to the appointment
  • also want to apply for a British passport

Your passport and supporting documents for British citizenship are copied, certified and forwarded to the Home Office by Royal Mail special delivery. You get to keep your passport and other documents while the UKBA are considering the application.

We'll also submit a completed passport application form to the Home Office by Royal Mail special delivery. The name on the your passport application form must match:

  • the name on your current travel documents
  • the name on the citizenship application form you submitted electronically

If you'd prefer to apply for British Citizenship using a paper application form, and would like to have it checked before it's submitted to the UKBA, please seenationality checking service.


    This service is appointment only - appointments are held at Hackney Service Centre, 1 Hillman Street, Hackney, E8 1DY.

    Call 020 8356 3355 to book an appointment.

    Appointments are available up to and including Wednesday 28 November 2018. After this date the nationality document return service is no longer available.


    £55 per applicant - pay when you book your appointment. The fee includes the cost of postage to UKBA by Royal Mail Special Delivery and remains the same whether whether you submit an application for a British Passport or not.

    'Using the service' is defined as submitting any documentation, verified or otherwise, to UKBA for each applicant shown on the checklist you have provided.

    How do I apply for British citizenship? 

    1.    Make an application.
    2.    Attend an appointment within 9 working days. 

    Please note:

    • it's your responsibility to meet the application requirements within the time limit set by the Home Office
    • each applicant over the age of 18 must attend the appointment - anyone over 15 years 6 months who's applying for their first British passport at the same time must also attend the appointment

    3.    For the appointment to go ahead, you must provide:

    • a printed and fully completed application checklist endorsed with your individual PNN (payment notification number) - each applicant must ensure the checklist states which original documents they're submitting in support of their citizenship application (including any passports and notifications of passing the Life in the UK test)
    • your passport and all original supporting documents - these should be the original documents; they'll be returned to you during the appointment
    • the fully completed online referee page with a passport sized photograph which complies with the UKVI photo standards (described in the application guide AN)

    If you're applying for your first British passport at the same time as NDRS, you must also supply:

    • a fully completed passport application form that is signed and dated in line with HMPO guidance - you should complete sections 1 to 4, sections 5 and 6, and section 9 of the application form (you don't need to complete section 10 as the referees' details will be collected from the referee page of the citizenship application) 
    • two passport sized photographs which are identical to the one with the referee page of your citizenship application (ie, from the same sitting)
    • a fully completed passport payment form - a payment form can be found in the accompanying HMPO guide booklet

    You can find a passport application form at selected Royal Mail post offices. 

    We cannot:

    • offer advice on nationality, or other matters such as visas, immigration or asylum
    • check or review a British citizenship application form submitted online
    • amend or correct a British citizenship application submitted online
    • check you have all the required documents - we will copy the documents you've supplied but we are not able to advise on their suitability
    • fast track your application through the Home Office
    • act as agents for the application
    • guarantee that your application will be successful - the Home Office will consider your application and make a decision

    How do I make a complaint about the nationality document return service?

    The nationality document return service at the Hackney Register Office is registered with the Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner, an independent body established by Parliament to regulate organisations offering services of the kind on offer. Any complaints relating to the local authority service should be directed to the Office of the Immigration Service Commissioner (OISC), 5th Floor, 21 Bloomsbury Street London WC1B 3HF, tel 0845 000 0046.

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