Council tax bands

The table below shows you how much the council tax is for 2017/18 for each of the 8 valuation bands - your property will be in one of these bands. The council tax band is based on how much your property was worth on 1 April 1991 when it was valued by the listing officer of the Inland Revenue. 

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2018/19 bands

BandProperty valueTotal
A£40,000 or less916.45
B£40,001 -   £52,0001069.19
C£52,001 -   £68,0001221.93
D£68,001 -   £88,0001374.67
E £88,001 - £120,0001680.15
F£120,001 - £160,0001985.62
G£160,001 - £320,0002291.12
HMore than £320,0002749.34

Council tax queries and appeals

The council tax office cannot deal with queries about your valuation band. The Council is not involved in the valuation of property and we are legally obliged to charge and enforce collection based on the council tax band shown in the current valuation list.

The district valuer of the Valuation Office Agency is responsible for assessing property values for council tax purposes.

Banding appeals

Unless your property has been altered, any appeal against the banding of a property may only be made within 6 months of the council tax payer becoming liable. You should also be aware that following an appeal, it is possible that your property's banding may go up rather than down.

While you appeal you must pay the council tax, based on the present valuation band of your property, until the listing officer changes the list. We cannot waive payment until your appeal is settled. But we can refund any overpayment afterwards if your appeal succeeds. 

If you have any queries about your valuation band, or you wish to appeal, contact the Valuation Office Agency at:

Valuation Office Agency 
1st Floor
Lloyds Chambers
1 Portsoken Street
London E1 8BT

Tel: 03000 504 650
Fax number is 03000 504 729
Web: Valuation Office Agency 

You can get free independent advice at: 

Hackney Citizens' Advice Bureau ((Mon to Wed, 1pm to 3pm)
Tel: 0844 499 1195.

Hackney Citizens' Rights Group (Thurs only 10am to 6pm)
Tel: 020 7254 9632.

Disabled band reduction

You may qualify for a disabled band reduction in your council tax bill if you or someone who lives with you requires:

  • an extra bathroom
  • an extra kitchen
  • a room, which is essential or of importance to the disabled person's wellbeing, such as a kidney dialysis machine
  • extra space in your property to meet special needs arising from a disability

If you already get such a reduction, your bill will say 'disabled band'.

Apply for a disabled band reduction

If you believe that you may be entitled to receive a disabled band reduction, complete the form below:

You can also download, complete and post a disabled band reduction form [pdf, 108.87KB] to: London Borough of Hackney, Council Tax Section, Hackney Service Centre, 1 Hillman Street, London E8 1DY.

You can also contact us on 020 8356 3154.

Only the person who is liable to pay the council tax can apply for the reduction, and the disabled person must be living in the property. If you can, please provide some supporting documentation which confirms that the extra space or room is needed by the disabled person. We will also inspect the property.

If you qualify for the reduction, your council tax will be charged at the valuation band immediately below that shown in the valuation list. You should note that the valuation band of the property will not be changed - just the charging basis. A disabled band reduction is also available to people who live in a band A property. In this case, the council tax will be charged on a percentage of the band A value. 

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